Judges – God Our Deliverer

The Price of Rebellion and the Mercy of God
Judges 1-8

The story of Judges is painful to watch. Judges 21:25 provides us the best summary:

In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.

Their repeated rebellion against God, neglecting his covenant and commands, and wanton idolatry lead them into a cycle of judgement and oppression from neighboring nation-states. Over the next 13 weeks we will take a front row seat to the mercy of God, as he repeatedly raises up a sole leader willing to listen and act on his behalf, rescuing his people from their self-inflicted oppression.

This front row view will hopefully help us see how quickly and unintentionally we too can drift from God, meandering down paths other than the one Jesus paved for us. Most importantly, this series will lead us to the fountain of God’s mercy and grace we find in Jesus alone. He is our rescuer and redeemer!